Alternative Raw Media started in 2017 when Lex R. and his partners were looking to create content that was fair trade, consent minded, and ethical. Collaborating with the best photographers, models, make-up, and special effects artists, Alternative & Raw Media weaves visual stories that engage the viewers mind and titillates the senses.


"We wanted to create a media group where we partner with the models and photographers and share in the experience and the final product. everybody wins." ~ Lex


Alternative Raw Media aims to create something truly artistic, give authentic experiences to those we work with, and share stories that captivate the mind.

Vision & Consent Culture


Alternative and Raw Media upholds high standards around consent. "Here in Vancouver, we heard horror stories from models that were sexually assaulted by other photographers or pushed beyond their boundaries," says Lex.  "I wanted to address this, so we started off by doing consent workshops, educational seminars, and live demos and it grew from there." Every model, photographer, actor, is carefully vetted before they are allowed on set. "I even sit down and have coffee with the models or actors beforehand to discuss any past issues or tramas so that we avoid any triggers." This approach has helped Alternative and Raw media earn the reputation that they are a safe place to work and have fun.

Work with Us


If you are interested in working with us then please read our Model FAQ before applying. If you are interested in hiring us please head over to our contact page and send us an email.