AltRaw Media - Anti-Sextrafficking / Anti-Sexual Exploitation Policy


Unfortunately, a lot of people confuse what consentual sex work ‘looks like’ in light of so many religious, polical, and social campaigns to end commercial sex (such as religious organizations like Exodus Cry who seek to Abolish Pornography all together). We whole-heartily want to end forced sexual slavery. We also beleive that sex-work is a valid job and choice and people can choose do do sex work under their own volition. 


We do not believe all Porn is ‘evil’ but rather a necessary extension/reflection of human sexuality that needs to be embraced. We also believe there will always be a demand for Adult Film as not all humans can have access to sexual fulfilment in real life and rely on the fantasy of Adult film to fulfill their needs.


Since we know conservative-religious voices will not always understand (trust us we used to be one) therefore we need to clarify a few things about our work. 


Like any work of film, one cannot tell purely from the video if the models in the film are consensually choosing to be there. However, we do not often ask those questions about Hollywood films because they have standards and policies that ensure that every person within the film is being treated fairly and is consensually there. 


We are aiming to do the same for the adult film industry. We are a consent focused studio and do not believe anyone should be ‘forced’ to anything. For every scene we produce we can provide all consent forms and 2257s (proof of identity and age), but in addition we have many policies and standards in place. Here are a few of those ground rules we abide by:



  1. We believe sex work is a legitimate, autonomus choice of profession. We do not subscribe to the abolitionist belief that all sexwork is naturally coerced because of pressures of compulsory hetrosexuality and the social and economic pressures stemming from neoliberalism and patriarchy. We believe sex-work is work and a valid work choice. Everyone we work with has willingly chosen sex-work under their own volition.
  2. We do not Recruit or Procure: We have a base policy that we only work with individuals that are consentually working in the adult / sex work industry under their own volition.

    1. We refrain from asking anyone to do adult work that isn’t involved already in the adult industry at some level. 

    2. We will not work with anyone who isn’t already in the Sex Work Industry.

    3. We will not ask non-adult performers to do adult work.

    4. We will not persuade, induce, or cause someone who isn’t a sex-worker to become a sex-worker.

    5. Clarification: AltRaw Media does non-adult work such as beauty / fashion and Fitness photography and video. We will definitely recruit people we think fit those areas but with a clear line set that it is not intended for adult purposes nor is it a gateway to get non-adult models into adult work. Fitness Models for Fitness shoots and adult models for adult shoots. That's the bottom line.

    6. If a model is seeking to do adult work under their own volition and can provide their evidence they have already moved into that space we will be open to working with them. Otherwise we will not work with a model who isn’t already in the adult space.

  3. We do not ‘Manage’:

    1. We refuse to manage any human being other than ourselves. Each person must manage themself and this includes their own platforms and content.

    2. This means we will NOT run your Onlyfans or any other platforms FOR you. We will not upload content on your behalf. We will not control or maintain any of your finances or financial information or ‘take a cut’ from your digital sales. This is called ‘digital pimping’ and we are against it (technically it is illegal according to our interpretation of Canadian Law on sex-work and material benefit).

    3. Disclaimer: we can teach education courses on how to edit and manage your own sites but will not manage anything ‘for you’. No loopholes, no ifs, no buts. Period.

  4. We do not ‘Transport’:

    1. If you are a sex-worker we will not physically drive you or transport you across borders or state lines. If you want to work with us you have to get to our location under your own volition. We can offer suggestions and directions (and under special circumstances a safe ride home) but we will not physically transport you to the shoot.

    2. We are more than happy to reimburse expenses for travel (if we are doing paid model agreement). However, we will not do any of the travel arrangements or bookings for you.

  5. We do not House / Shelter / Billet:

    1. Once again we will not book a hotel for you or find a place for you to stay. You are in control of your own living arrangements. This is up to you. You must be in charge of your own housing / stay. We can reimburse for certain expenses if it a paid model contract but we will not do anything where we ‘manage or control’ where you stay.

  6. We offer our Film/Video Services to the general public.

    1. We are not exclusively “adult” and we do offer non-adult related shoots and services to the public.

  7. We prohibit intoxication and inebriation prior to or during shoots.

    1. As outlined in our Model FAQ we do not allow the use of drugs or any substances that can cloud judgment or inhibit consent.  

    2. We do not tolerate intoxication of any performers prior to or during a shoot. 

  8. We do not ‘actually’ degrade, dehumanize or assault performers.

    1. We are strongly against systemic violence (especially violence against women). There is a huge difference between consensual BDSM scenes and non-consensual violence. This means we have systems in place to report incidents if we believe models or performers are being subjected to domestic violence at home or otherwise. We do not tolerate violence or verbal abuse on set against our models or staff (please see our Model FAQ). Adult work is like any other professional work environment and should be free of violence, discrimination, and abuse.

    2. We do produce theatrical BDSM adult films in which it may appear a person is degraded or humiliated or assaulted. However, everything depicted is fictional, consent based, and model-driven and is carefully agreed upon by the model beforehand during our pre-scene negotiation (and we record evidence to back this up). We always negotiate boundaries and stick to them. We have safe words and we use them. If a model uses their safeword everything stops and we immediately attend to the model. After the scene, everything that was in the scene is reviewed during our post-scene debrief. We keep records of everything to prove this is informed, ongoing consent. 

    3. We do not encourage non-professionals to perform BDSM stunts at home or outside the safety of the film set. Some of our stunts in our films are quite unique, therefore we do not encourage these stunts to be done by non-professionals. Just because you see a Hollywood car chase scene in a movie doesn’t mean you can drive like that normally. The same applies to adult film: we are professionals, consent and safety are our highest concerns. 

    4. We don’t actually hold beliefs or values where we see any human lower than ourselves. We value human life and want all to prosper and thrive. 

  9. We refuse anyone who cannot verify their identity and age (18+)

    1. We are very strict when it comes to this. Every model must provide valid pieces of government issued ID for the 2257 form. We will take a picture of these IDs for our records with the 2257s but the model always maintains possession of the personal ID at all times. We will not keep or store original government Issued ID for a model...ever! Period. 

    2. We reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone who cannot prove their legal identity and age.

  10. We are against minors being exposed to our Porn and/or Adult Film Sets.

    1. Models with children must find appropriate child care, as we do not allow minors under the age of 18 to be on our sets. No Exceptions.


    2. We do not allow minors to be viewers of our content. We use strict paysites with age verification steps and credit card verification.


    3. We encourage parents to check out this resource: 


    4. We refuse to work publicly, or communicate anything of an explicit nature in any public area (parks, schools, religious institutions) where minors can reasonably be expected to be present. 

  11. We do not conduct any financial transactions, payments, or sales on set.


    1. We have strict policies that there is no transaction of finances during a shoot or on set. 

    2. If we are hired as a contractor to do a shoot, all payment must be received prior to or after.

    3. If we are reimbursing someone for something it must happen before or after the shoot.

    4. If a model wants to purchase a prop or outfit from us they can AFTER the shoot. Transactions must be made privately and never in view of public places where minors can reasonably be expected to be present.


  12. We do not hold debt. 

    1. We will not financially lend or borrow or hold debt over anyone. No one is ever forced to work in re-payment of anything.

    2. If we give a gift it is truly a gift, there are no ‘strings attached’.

  13. We will not force anyone to have sex.

    1. As mentioned above, we are a consent focused organization. Therefore, we do not force anyone to have sex with anyone. We do not force anyone into adult shoots. We do not do any “extra” work or sexual favors. This includes after the shoot.

    2. There is NO expectations for sexual acts outside the directed Adult film and what was agreed upon in negotiation.

  14. Everyone one must be able to speak for themselves and have their own control.

    1. If we are doing international work and there are different languages involved, a third-party translator over the age of 18 must be present who has the model's best interest in mind. We encourage models to bring a friend or another person (18+) who can effectively translate. This is to avoid miscommunicaiton and ensure consent is always valid and that the model's safety and well being is put first.

    2. We will not control what a model does or can do outside of a shoot. We do NOT provide security or personnel to accompany the model. We will not leverage anything to try and control behavior. We in-turn will not be blackmailed or manipulated to do things/favors for anyone else. This is a safe space and we intend to keep it that way.

  15. We will NOT facilitate connections between ‘Johns’ and Escorts.

    1. Some of our performers happen to also be escorts or ‘sugar babies’ outside of film work. That is their own personal business and we are not involved in that. 

    2. We are not an agency and will not facilitate sexual services of our models with clients. We do not do that. 

    3. We make films and do educational seminars and that is all.

  16. We reserve the right to refuse to work with certain performers who are in ‘survival mode’.

    1. Adult Film is not a “quick cash” method. We reserve the right to refuse sex workers who we deem are looking for “quick cash”. Adult film requires hard work, professionalism and patience just like any other job. Sexwork is WORK.

    2. We reserve the right not to work with sex-workers who are in desperate or dire need of anything (finances, rent, drugs etc.) and are using sex-work as a survival mechanism as a result of addictions or mental health issues, or are otherwise vulnarable or marginalized. 

    3. We believe in informed-consent without having underlying motivations that may drive people to do things they really do not want to do. We understand that sex work is ‘work’ and provides a means of livelihood. We also understand that work may not always be ‘fun’ and can be tiring. What we are specifically against is that as soon as there is a pressure to ‘have to do it or else’, we walk away from it. We believe filmed sex should be peformed in a space of safety and comfort not disparity.

  17. We do not exploit.

    1. We will not ever coerce or deceive. We will always be transparent and say exactly what we mean.


    2. We are very wary of power dynamics in which any one person has too much power. If we feel that any one person has too much leverage or power we will back away from the deal. 


    3. We will maintain our “down to earth” and “consent minded” approach. We are not 'starstruck’ when we meet our favorite porn stars. We would never do something we ‘really don’t want to do’ simply because a famous person asked it from us. Therefore, we expect the same approach from our models. We will never ask a model to do anything they actually do not want to do. There will never be any judgment or punitive measures taken from someone saying ‘no’ to us. 


    4. We reserve the right to refuse anyone who isn’t already doing sex-work but also anyone who is to ‘new’ or lacks some experience in the industry. We are not a testing site for your personal kinks or experiences. Go gain a little experience and then speak to us. 


    5. Anything we agree to under our contract means we will provide it on our end. This means all content produced we legally will deliver to the model as agreed.  We will not take the footage and ‘run away’ or only sell our copy without delivering the model their copy. For our project trades you get a copy to sell and we get a copy. We will not sell your copy for you.