As mentioned in our Model FAQ - We provide three options:


  1.  Hire us: If you want all the content for yourself and don't want us to post any of it then you just pay us hourly like any other photographer. (Photographer For Hire)
  2.  Time / Trade: If you want a copy of the content then we can do time-trade-for-content.  (Time-Trade)
  3. Revenue Sharing: If you would like us to own and sell the final product on our platforms (and you do not get a copy) then we do revenue sharing and you will get a percentage of the final net profit. (Rev Share)

I want to Hire you: What are your Rates?

(Yes we randomly chose our package names as we dislike the basic, "Broze, Silver, Gold Pacakges" ugh boring...)


$150 / Catfish Picture Package:

  • Up to 1 hour basic shoot at our studio. Includes 5 edited professional shots of your choosing. $10/pic any additional shots.


$200 / Mango Umbrella Package:

  • Up to 1 hour shoot at our studio. Includes 15 professional shots of your choosing. $10/pic any additional shots.


$300 / Shall Be Nameless Package:

  • Shoot up to 2 hours at our studio or onsite. Moderately Advanced Theme. Includes 30 edited professional shots of your choosing. $10/pic additional edits.
  • Up to 2 hours studio time for a final 15-20min Single Angle edited Video with 30sec promo video for your social meda. 


$550 / Da' Fuck Am I Paying For Package:

  • Up to 3 hour shoot at our studio or on site. Advanced Theme.
  • 30 edited professional shots of your choosing. 
  • 15min single angle edited video with 30 sec promo video included.
  • Make-up artist add-on option avaiable.


Need a Warm Body with a Camera' Photography/Videography Flat Rate:

  • $300/hr flat rate.


Hire our Studio to Outsource your Adult film.

  • $1000 per 30min of Raw Footage.