As mentioned in our Model FAQ - We provide lots of project options but if you want to hire us directly here are our rates:


Our Rates:

(Yes we randomly chose our package names as we dislike the basic, "Broze, Silver, Gold Pacakges" ugh boring...)


$150 / Catfish Picture Package:

  • Up to 1 hour basic shoot at our studio. Includes 5 edited professional shots of your choosing. $10/pic any additional shots.


$200 / Mango Umbrella Package:

  • Up to 1 hour shoot at our studio. Includes 15 professional shots of your choosing. $10/pic any additional shots.


$300 / Shall Be Nameless Package:

  • Shoot up to 2 hours at our studio or onsite. Moderately Advanced Theme. Includes 30 edited professional shots of your choosing. $10/pic additional edits.
  • Up to 2 hours studio time for a final 15-20min Single Angle edited Video with 30sec promo video for your social meda. 


$550 / Da' Fuck Am I Paying For Package:

  • Up to 3 hour shoot at our studio or on site. Advanced Theme.
  • 30 edited professional shots of your choosing. 
  • 15min single angle edited video with 30 sec promo video included.
  • Make-up artist add-on option avaiable.


Need a Warm Body with a Camera' Photography/Videography Flat Rate:

  • $300/hr flat rate.


Hire our Studio to Outsource your Adult film.

  • $1000 per 30min of Raw Footage.


If your project requires us to travel Nationally or Internationally please contact us to negotiate our travel expenses.