Content Themes & Film Series

Over the last 4 years we have been able to learn from our sales & statistics what consumers are watching and wanting most. We love shooting all kinds of artistic and hardcore content but we have found a certain number of categories that really have traction and help generate sales. In no way are our performers limited to these categories in any way. However, we have found that these are more successful and we are focusing more on them.

Our Top 3 Selling Categories:

  1. Hetroflexible MFM Threesomes

  2. Multiple Creampie or Gangbang

  3. Reality Style Porn


Other Best Selling Categories:

  • Cuckold Fantasy

  • Dominatrix and Pegging (Prostate Play)

  • Watersports

  • BDSM combined with Hardcore Sex

  • Massage Porn


Below are examples of some of our successful clips and series based on these top selling categories.

Examples of Some of Our Series:

Fuck Yeah Friendly Fire Series:

Our most successful selling content is the Fuck-Yeah-Friendly-Fire (FYFF) Threesomes. Often it is two men (or more) with a femme and the film is more cutting edge as it is male-bi-curious leaning with hetero-flexible themes and bro-mance moments. This series can include acts like: multiple creampie, double vaginal, spit-roasting, double blowjobs, friendly fire cumshots, gangbangs, gloryholes and more. Super hot and guaranteed to sell! 

Vanilla Porn Massage Series

This is the Studio that films everything Opposite from Switch Kitchen and BDSM. Vanilla Porn focuses on most straight Porn themes and tropes but with a slight twist of kink. These films are often more classic or "bangers" style with story line and gloss.

Spin of Sin Series (Now filming Season 2)

This series is based on our Live Performance at Sin City Fetish Night. Performers spin the wheel and are awarded pleasure or punishment. We pre-negotiate all 16 potential prizes to the comfort level of the Performer. Each performer Spins 7-12 times and we film what they win! It is based 100% on chance (we do not stage or fake the spins).  The scenes that are best contain both BDSM and Hardcore Sex Elements.  

Welcome to Switch Kitchen Series

This is the original Switch Kitchen Series that started it all. Performers from all over the world fly to Visit the Switch Kitchen studio and be in a BDSM and Hardcore scene. Think of this series as "casting couch" but with BDSM. These scenes are negotiated thoroughly. Most of the scenes are broken down into these stages (1. Intro Interview 2. BDSM 3. Sexual Component 4. Outro Debrief). 

Now Filming Season 2

Reality or Story Driven Content

These films we have more of a story or "plot" to them and often make non-explicit Youtube Versions. They are often humorous and larger productions. We like to capture the real character of the performers. Therefore its usually 90% reality with no-scripts and often the situations are generally true and real.

Plus many more Themes & Series!

We have 25 other themes and series that we are currently filming. Apply Now and let us know what you would like to shoot!