Model FAQ

Model FAQ

In order to maintain a safe and consensual environment free from judgment and discrimination; we believe in open-transparent communication of our values. We have made an in-depth model FAQ that serves as our policies on matters so models can give informed-consent. Any further questions please feel free to contact us!

We have three basic stages of content creation in our artistic process.

  1. Instagram friendly: Body-scape, portrait, erotic, lingerie, fitness, rope-bondage, boudoir, pretty much anything that IG allows.

  2. Non-IG safe content: uncensored sets made for Onlyfans or Twitter

  3. Adult shoots: and films for Manyvids or paysites. Essentially BDSM/Bondage/Hardcore [girl/guy, girl/girl, guy/guy, trans etc]

It is ART. We do use adult sites and platforms for promoting our work but the bottom line is we are creating ART! (We enjoy that it may arouse people and cause them to fap later).

Our goal is to create engaging content that has a twist or some type of mental stimulation. We sometimes take familiar themes and create new ways to express it. We find the best kinds of sexual stimulation happen in the mind first… then the pants.

NO! We believe in CONSENT and communication. If you want to model for us we only go up to the level/stage that the model is comfortable with. Most of the time it goes that far but we may not always release the video.

Yes! We care about your career and school and public appearance. We can put a mask/hood/box on you OR blur out faces/tattoos etc … well really do anything to make you feel better about being on the internet.

Yes! All of our models are 18+ and have to prove legal age with two pieces of government issued ID. A model release form and waiver that are U.S.C. § 2257 & 28 CFR §75.1 compliant are signed as well as rights for the model's appearance to be used for commercial purposes and distribution. We believe in informed consent so be sure to continue reading this model FAQ and any paperwork you sign. For privacy all of these documents are kept secure and are not released to the general public.

Generally we try to nail all three stages in a 3-hour shoot. Sometimes it is longer or shorter.

  1. Alex the the Director

  2. A guest photographer / Director

  3. Models

  4. FX makeup artist (for any crazy shoots

  5. Safety/Security/Public Relations (for public shoots)

Contrary to popular belief. No! Not really. Only large commercial studios and select onlyfans models who have learned how to work the system are making LOTS of money. Given that this is a hobby job for us we are still figuring out how to make the system work! We are happy to share the knowledge we have learned so far with those we work with so everyone wins. 

Please refer to our Guide on "Different Kinds of Projects 101" for general information. For $$ we have a few options:


  • You Hire us: If you want all the content for yourself you pay us (just like any other photographer) for producing high qaulity content for you to sell on your platform (Our Rates) *We prefer tracable and transparent E-transfer. We require a non-refundable deposit for those hiring us.

  • We Hire You: We pay you to be in our content and we sell and release it. 

  • Rev-Share: If you would like us to own and sell the final product on our platforms (as you may not yet have your own platform) then we do revenue sharing and you will get a percentage of the final net profit.

  • Collab/Trade: We trade professional services and both get a copy to sell on our own platforms. We trade our time/production/editing for your time being a performer in the content. 

  • Project Trade: We film a project for you and you perform a project for us. Each of us sell the individual projects on our own platforms.


Disclaimer: a) We will never sell the content for you b) we will never "manage" you or your content or your platforms, as that is digital sex traffiking and we stand against that. (Read more here).

No. BDSM and Porn is not illegal in Canada. Google it.


However, according to Canadian law BDSM videos is a grey zone to create content that is obscene and immoral that lacks "artistic merit." This is why we produce ART that advances a literary or artistic theme and not merely "dirt for dirt's sake."

We do not support systemic racism, classism, or individuals who are intolerant. We are a multi-ethnic mosaic of individuals unified under social progress.


We understand the need to advocate as well as be active change agents within the system. In order to actually make change we need to advocate and get involved in being a part of the change process, helping update government policy and befriending people in influential positions to ensure change. 


We seek to legitimize Sexwork within Canada and the USA as a first choice career for all. This means educating both the general public and working with existing government infrastructures  and authorities to de-stigmatize, build acceptance and inclusivity. This means having ongoing relationships with City officials in City Hall (policy makers), community services, health authority, law enforcement, legal services, sexwork advocacy groups, sexual support centers etc. We are a legit “above board” group of individuals and only seek to work with those willing to work within policy and law.  We are against sex-trafficking and exploitation - please see our policy here.


This being said, we have positive active relationships with law enforcement and government officials. We have been fortunate to find individuals in each area who are inclusive to LGBTQ2+, BIPOC, Polyamorous, and sexworkers. Please contact us if you wish to find out more about some of these inclusive, sex-worker-friendly resources. If you would like to submit a sex-worker friendly agency or resource to our database please contact us.

We are very strict on following current BC worksafe Covid Policies despite us not being a business but rather an a collective of independent contractors. 

In short: 

  • Switch Kitchen Crew are currently 100% vaxxed.  
  • Covid Testing is currently provided free from the government of Canada. You can also request private testing here. 
  • Everything entering the space must use the sanitizing station.

  • The model release forms now include a Covid screening section and are used as contact tracing. 

No. Just like any Art or theatre production we use props and special FX’s along with our skilled performers. You may experience pain and discomfort only to the extent in which you consent. You will NOT be seriously hurt nor have to fear of being permanently injured or maimed. We like your body and want to keep it healthy and safe.

We use condoms, latex dams, and other protective equipment. Everything is sanitized and sterilized, If there is any shoot/scene that fluid transfer happens (genitals to genital or mouth to genitals) we require that the models have been tested recently (within two weeks). Generally, we are all tested every two weeks.

In Vancouver, we recommend going to: 

You can also go to your General Doctor and ask for a Lifelabs or Bloodwork/Pee test. Results usually come online.

Results need to be submitted 24hours prior to performance to  *We reserve the right to refuse/cancel booking if test results are out of date*

We support and accept neurodiversity. We have worked with models who would consider themselves neurodiverse and have a variety of personal mental health journeys. We accept those with neurodiversity as long as everyone is coherent and clear in giving consent. Generally we are understanding if mental health issues come up and we usually give callbacks regardless... BUT two-or-more no-shows is a no-go.


*We do not tolerate abuse, slander, defamation of character or harassment against staff, photographers, or models. We will take necessary means, including legal action, to support and protect workers in this industry.

BDSM and sex therapy can be healing. Often models want to explore experiences from the past and recreate them into a new light. All within the safety of negotiated play. We do extensive chats over coffee to bring to light any triggers that need to be discussed or avoided. We want to enhance people’s experience with BDSM and not add to the trauma.

As mentioned above we value consent above all things! For this reason we do a detailed model intake where you will list your “do’s and don’ts” so we know ahead of time what your limits are. We let the performer tell us which of our Series or Themes they want to film with us. Prior to filming we will sit down and have an in-depth negotiation where each portion of the scene will be broken down and consented to. Additionally consent forms will be signed as part of the model agreement to show informed consent. Safe words are used during shooting and everything will halt immediately if any performer calls the safe word. There will be no punitive measures or bullying for using a safeword. We encourage comfortability during shooting and hold the safety of the model/performers above the production.

We do not tolerate illicit/illegal substances being used on set. We prefer clear and coherent consent from all of our models and production crew. We will celebrate after with a drink! Our favourite place is Odd Society.


YES! This shouldn’t even be a question. We believe in equality and equal rights. We want to decolonize mainstream “porn narratives” and instead affirm distinct histories of BIPOC performers/models. In each production we perform an analysis to ensure we promote unlearning “typical” narratives while still appealing to the general consumer. This means progressively working towards a new era of Adult Entertainment. For more information click here.

No! Currently the person managing this company is Gigi! In general, it is a collective of people of all genders. We got our start because of two powerful beautiful business women mentoring us in the Adult Industry. AltRaw Media is bigger than one person and seeks to empower and employ multiple people in the content making process. This means having people of all genders direct, write, produce, film, and/or run the shoot. If you would like to work for us please contact us.


Lex the Founder of AltRaw is a Pansexual/Polyamorous male who has experience as an Escort, SugarBaby, Erotic Massage therapist before moving into the Adult Entertainment Industry. He understands safety and consent having had to deal with clients. Lex was trained professionally in BDSM and Consent/Negotiations and has worked internationally with BDSM studios and companies. 


Gigi is the current General Manager of Alternative & Raw Media & Switch Kitchen. She is a Greysexual/Polyamourous female who is a Creator, Streamer, and Adult Industry Bookkeeper. Coming into this industry, Gigi Saw that Sexworkers were an underserved community. She created her own bookkeeping company to help SWers with their finances and preparing for tax seasons. This finance company is separate from AltRaw Media but you can email her about it HERE

Let’s be real… we get SO MANY horny cis-male dudes online sending in applications with dick pics. We will look at them (and usually laugh)…but we are looking for trustworthy models and performers of good character and have cultivated a culture of respect.


We do EXTRA screening for straight cis-males to ‘weed-out’ any person who has ill intent or is just is a shitty person in general. This keeps our set safe and comfortable for all models.

We do prioritize those on set who identify as trans, female, cis-female, as well as males who are bi or gay.


Cis-Male Loophole: You can pay for us to produce a film. If you want us to film you in a scene… we can do that. We will still require you to be screened and go through testing and you probably will still have to wear a condom. Paid shoots start at $300 an hour up to $1500 for a full length shoot and get to fuck hot porn stars. We plan shoots two months in advance and we reserve the right to refuse service if you turn into an asshole at anytime...and we will keep the deposit. Keep in mind you are paying for producing a film not hiring an escort. We do not provide those services.

We use social media, adult websites, tube sites, Onlyfans, AVNstars, and clip stores. In all cases content is watermarked with our Studio Brand logo to combat priracy when we distribute to mainstream platforms. We like to use mainstream platforms in order to actively influence the industry. In order to educate the consumer we must deliver to where the consumer is. However, we respect that certain content creators like to exclude themselves from being on certain sites. During the model intake please inform staff of any hesitations you may have. On the Model Release Form (2257) there is also a section dedicated to content exclusion request. If you would like more information please submit a request here.

We prioritize paid clients. If you have paid us to produce and edit content for you it will be completed within 3-5 business days. 


For Trades or collabs it could be a while. We are currently backlogged with trades & collabs. We have reduced our filming frequency to make room for more editing time. We have also hired a third-party editor to help us. Our backlog is our biggest drawback or flaw as a production studio (We are aware and know it and are actively working on it.) After hearing feedback from our past-models we have since changed our approach to the way we film and made self-improvements. We have upgraded our gear to handle the 4k footage (size) and reduce latency and export times, and increased distribution speed by streamlining the post-production process. Single angle films will always be edited quicker than multi-angle/multi-take films.


You can now check on the status of your project. Please view our Project Status Page.

For Collabs/Trade we reserve the right for lead time to recover cost of producing/editing.  Lead time is the ability to release the content  “ahead of time” giving uniqueness and exclusivity. We ask the model/collaborator to support us by retweeting, tagging, and mentioning us. We will discuss acceptable “lead time” with the model and come to a mutual agreement. 


If you wish to reduce lead time. We may also create different versions for each collaborator (unique content) so each person can release their own “version” on their platforms all at the same time. We are also open to project4project trades.

Yes and No. There is no easy way to put this but once a video is produced and on the internet it is out there! This is why we sign the model-release forms.


What we CAN do is: a) Geoblock certain regions or put in requests for geo-blocking on that video. b) Put requests in for content to be removed with individual platforms if your content is being pirated for profit (DMCA takedown). c) Talk to our lawyer about costs of removing the video long-term. d) Try to keep the video behind paywalls only and reduce public postings/reposts.


It is extremely difficult to take back something once it is out there on the internet. A few factors come into the equation: 1) Signed Model Release 2) Cost of Production 3) Pirated Videos 4) Cost of Takedown Notices 5) Legal Exceptions.


  1. Each person signs a model release form and waiver to give consent for their image/likeness to be used. You need to be absolutely sure you want to be in our videos before doing any work with us. Think about the long term future because once the video is produced there is no ‘going back’. Any decision to not be on the internet needs to be made prior to the shoot and discussed with the producer so we can cancel the shoot. We don't want you to regret any decision, but you can’t retroactively decide you don't want to be in the video once it is filmed... at that point the forms are signed and it is too late.

  2. For our ‘Collab/trade shoots’ we agree to produce, edit, and deliver a product to you in exchange for our ability to use the same product. It's unfair for the model to get the goods (at our cost of production/editing) and sell it for their own personal benefit and then tell us we cannot sell it on our own platform. We need to recover the cost of production and time. This is why we legally own a copy of the content to sell. Additionally, other co-models in the film have rights to sell their copy of the content. We mutually agree on paper and give informed consent that each person can use the product in accordance to the terms agreed. In short: we cannot dictate to the model what they do with their copy of the content, but neither can the model dictate to us.

  3. Some of our videos are being pirated. Yep... we are aware. We have already found clips people have taken from our videos and tweeted or posted. Any commercial derivatives we fight to take down via DMCA take-down notice. Non-commercial derivative works we leave as they are free promotion (as long as the branding is present and models are credited). This being said the videos are already spawning to new sites every day and we cannot spend the time and resources to chase them all down.

  4. It costs roughly $250 USD to legally do one (1) DMCA Takedown notice. Let's say the video in question has been pushed to 32 sites… you can do the math. This is why any publication restrictions need to be discussed before production and release.

  5. Legal Exceptions: 

    • We are strong advocates to end violence against women and victims of bullying and harassment. In 2018, we removed one video because a model was being blackmailed by an ex-partner, receiving threats of potential harm to her and her family. With the help of RCMP, Interpol and lawyers in regards to this valid threat, we worked to ensure this model's safety and the ex-partner was found and held responsible. In Short: If you are a victim = Contact us when it is safe to do so and we can work together on a solution! (Be sure to have a copy of your court-order, police report file etc.)


Another solution: For a scene that has already been filmed but not yet released/distributed you can pay out the production cost/time and we will 100% bury it...but you cannot use or resell it. If you are willing to pay to cover production costs + co-model compensation + legal fees + loss of future income then we would be happy to stop post-production and freeze the project indefinitely. This way everyone still gets paid for their time/work on set and you do not have to worry about the video anymore. However, you will not be able to use the video or resell it as the co-model release forms and consent were only valid for the initial production date/time. 

  • (Cost approx: 1000usd per 30min of production + compensation for co-models +  crew payout + Post production fees + Legal fees + 25% loss of future income earning capacity. = 2K-6K per scene). 

There have been some amazing updates to Canadian & American Laws that help prevent non-consensual media from spreading online. These new laws apply to media made that were not intended for commercial distribution. It is now against the law to share or threaten to share an intimate image of someone without their consent (ie. Revenge Porn). If the sharing or threat happened on or after March 6, 2023. If you are a victim of a person/ex distributing non-consensual media without your consent you can file a complaint and get more info here. - Keep in mind, these laws only apply to media being shared without the consent for distribution.


To be clear: we create consensual commercial media for the purposes of online distribution. We require each model/performer sign a release form that clearly contains consent for distribution. We also require them to attach a Government issued ID for age validation. All the content we have on our sites have corresponding proof of consent for distribution and age validation. Please only apply to film with us if you consent to having explicit content, in which you appear, be distributed online.

In Short: You CAN withdraw verbal consent to content that has no written agreement. However, once a performer signs a model release form & legal agreement that consents for their appearance, the use of their appearance for commercial use, and the distribution of the content, the consent cannot be withdrawn. 


Informed consent is why we require models soberly & leisurely read this model FAQ prior to shoot and why we require them to soberly & leisurely read model release 2257/legal agreement and give their signed consent for the production/shoot & it's distribution. 


We understand personal circumstances change so please contact us in regards to your content. We want to help in the process and work with you so everyone is happy. Contact us here.

Short answer: No/Maybe? We can definitely do things to help create distance for you.


In almost every scenario when we are contacted by a model who wants a video taken down is because they no longer are friends with their co-model or they don’t ‘get along’ and have had a ‘falling out’. We understand these experiences can be hard and emotional but personal grudges are not reason enough to pull the video and begin a legal process of DMCA takedowns (unless you are willing to pay $). We are sorry you no longer are friends with that model (cause that sucks) but we will continue to follow the legal agreement/consent that was made at the date/time of the video’s production. This is a professional work environment where adults are expected to be able to put their differences aside. However this doesn’t mean we would ever force you to work again with someone you do not like.


It totally is your right to choose not to be associated with that person (or even us) anymore. You can also choose not to post YOUR copy of the video or remove it from YOUR own platforms. However, dictating to us that we HAVE to remove the video because of your personal grudge isn’t fair or legal. We have had multiple situations where Pornstars have had ‘falling out’ with other Pornstars and we have spent time and money removing the videos and then the Pornstars ‘make amends’ with each other and then say we can post the video again 🤦. It was time consuming, emotional, and overall a terrible experience for us! We cannot bend our finances to fit a model’s personal relationships/friendships. This is why we go by what was agreed upon/consented to at the date/time of the shoot. This is just like any other work agreement you would sign at any other job. Sex work is a valid job. Each individual person in the collaboration can individually choose if they want to associate with the model and choose what is right for them and their own platform after the fact.


Here are some things we CAN do to help you with this issue:

  • We are willing to modify your stage name and remove the tags of the videos we have control over still (We cannot promise this for any re-posts or pirated videos). 

  • We can try and re-upload the video with the title modifications and not promote any association with you and that co-model. 

  • We can also block and unfollow you to create distance from you and the video.

  • We can stop promoting that video with your tags in it. 

  • We can mediate and inform the co-model that there is some discomfort after-the-fact with the video being online. Once again the co-model has legal right to sell their version of the video and we cannot force anyone to remove something that was mutually and legally agreed upon at time of production…. But we can try and ask them too.


Exception #1** We do background checks on all applicants. However, if we later find that a co-model is a convicted sexual offender (under a different name) with a confirmed legal record then we will immediately delete everything in association to the offender because we support the victims. 


Exception #2** If a model we have worked with is accused of sexual misconduct or has allegations against them, BUT has no legal record or pending court proceeding, we will conduct our own internal-investigation. This investigation will be done by a neutral party / mediator who will confirm the validity of the accusations while listening to both the victim and the accused. After our investigation, If the accusations turn to be false we will suggest the falsely-accused seeks damages. We do not tolerate false accusations, unsubstantiated claims, hearsay, ‘Mob Mentality’ or models seeking personal revenge.  If the accusations prove to be true or “most probably” then we will immediately delete everything in association to the offender as we support the victims.

The adult industry relies on performers communicating with each other in order to keep the community safe. You may have heard some gossip/tea about our studio SwitchKitchen. To ensure the information is not misconstrued we posted a document in June 2021 outlining the issues we encountered and how we found effective ongoing solutions moving forward. Please visit our "Commitment to Effective Change" for more information.


Yes! You can hire us to do a private shoot/film and we can take pictures of you and your partner in really awkward sex positions that will look fantastic later when you watch it! If you want an additional model then you have to pay for their time too! Generally, sessions start at $300.

We can also do live demos and educational sessions for work parties or private functions! Email us at

If you wish to hire us for editing third-party footage our rates start at $50-$100/hr. Delivery is 3-5 business days. 


If you contract us to film a scene with our high quality cameras and you get the raw footage to edit yourself our current selling rate is $1000USD per 30mins-raw.

We charge $300/hr for our photography/video services. We accept one (1) hour bookings for exclusively photos. We accept a minimum of two-and-half (2.5) hour bookings for video/film. This includes up to 10 hours of editing time. Additional editing hours are extra depending on complexity of project and Special FX. We guarantee 30+ pictures and high-quality edited footage with your branding. Contact us for smaller project pricing. Check out our Rates Page.

Well we are busy and probably sifting through all the unwanted dick pics looking for your email. Be patient. We will get back to you… unless your an idiot and we want nothing to do with you.

Send us a brief bio and sample of your look. We accept all shapes, sizes, orientation, and gender. Let us know what you are generally looking to experience or are comfortable with do and we will try to fit you in!


What to Expect:

Step 1: Apply Below to let us know you are interested.

Step 2: We will eventually respond and send you a Model Intake Form questionnaire for you to complete. Click Here for the Form

Step 3: We will do a follow-up phone call to discuss your intake form.

Step 4: We will find calendar dates and book your project.

Step 5. You will go get tested. Valid STI testing results are required to be submitted before shoot day. Covid Testing may also be required.

Step 6: Production/Shoot Day - Bring you Valid government IDs and we will sign paperwork before lights, camera, action!

Step 7: Post-Production (Editing) see status updates on your project here

Step 8: Distribution and Marketing of the scene. Hyping up of the scene on our platforms as well as you receiving your copy of the project.

Step 9: Follow up and re-booking you for future shoots (Jumps back to Step 4 and repeats).

The answer is probably 42 or visit here